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What Is An Offset Smoker?


One of the famous smoker design out there are the offset smokers. It will smoke food in a long horizontal chamber while on one side called the firebox is where the smoke wood and charcoal are burning. These offset smokers provide shelves to handle a lot of pork shoulders, rack of ribs, and briskets in the cooking chamber. If you are looking for stable temperatures and maximum heat control, you should consider getting offset smokers that are made of thick steel that will help retain heat. You should get the ones with casters or wheels in order for you to move them around easily since these offset smokers are heavy.

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The offset smokers from Weber Smokey Mountain 18 produce a lot of delicious smoke food. If you are looking to make smoked pork spare ribs, beef brisket, chicken, or pork shoulder then you should consider getting an offset smoker. Below are the reasons on why offset smokers are capable of producing delicious meat.


First you need to know what offset style smokers is. Offset smokers consists of a smoking chamber, firebox, a chimney or ventilation system for the smoke, and a rack system for the meat. The firebox is where the hardwood/charcoal will be built then the smoke and heat will travel into the smoke chamber, the meat will be sitting on the racks and will be engulfing the smoke, then the some will exit through the ventilation system or chimney. Here are a few reasons on why offset smokers can produce delicious meat.


  1. There is no direct heat on the meat since the fire will be contained in the firebox. Any heat from the fire is going to be indirect since the fire is offset and away from the meat, in a separate chamber.


  1. The meat is placed away from the fire, are placed on racks in the smoke chamber. Smoke can flow through the smoke chamber and will add that smokey flavor to the food.


  1. The ventilation system or chimney can be set in order to allow a maximum exposure of smoke to the meat. You can set the chimney or ventilation system on the other end of the smoke chamber from the end of the firebox, and the smoke will travel across the smoke chamber and will flavor the meat as it passes through. Know more facts about offset smoker, visit https://www.ehow.com/way_5406980_little-chief-smoker-instructions.html.


Those are a few reasons on why offset smokers are best in making delicious meat.