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Facts About Using an Offset Barbecue Smoker


There are many different types of barbecue smokers; the offset smoker, vertical smoker and the kettle smoker.  The offset smoker also is known as the barrel smoker contains two basic chambers; the firebox and the smoke chamber. When it comes to cooking the best barbecue with the use of an offset smoker, you need to regulate and maintain the temperature for a long period of time to get the best results possible.  Anytime you are purchasing such kind of a smoker, you need to consider the thickness of the steel to ensure that it retains heat for long. It is then easier to control the heat with a thick material than a thin one. Maintaining a consistent temperature is of great importance when it comes smoking meat with an offset smoker. The smoke is what is needed to flavor the meat that is the reason why the chambers are designed to make smoke flow over the meat. Read more claims about offset smoker, go to https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports-and-everyday-life/food-and-drink/food-and-cooking/broiling.



The firebox is designed that it is off to one side of the smoker, the part where the wood is put and the fire lit. The smoke then flows to the smoke chamber then around the meat and out through the chimney. The offset smoker basically uses wood as a source of fuel, the type of wood however varies, it could be logs or charcoal. Different types of wood are burnt in order to give the meat different kinds of flavors. When you want to get the best barbecue, cook the meat slow and low; cook the meat under controlled, regulated temperature for a long period of time. This is possible because you don't cook the meat under direct heat; the fire is away from the meat. Check this company!


There are so many reasons as to why people prefer making barbecue from offset type of smokers. The first reason is as I had mentioned above. There is no direct heating of the meat, this makes it easier to control the temperatures, keep them low and going for a long time. Secondly, the meat is usually put on racks where smoke is the only thing that passes through it, it, therefore, gets the desired smoke flavor. The presence of the chimney allows excess smoke to flow out after it has passed through the chamber in which the meat is located. It is recommended that you use coal as your source of fuel and not wood. This is because they burn consistently unlike wood. Always clean the ashes in the firebox before you get started with smoking the meat.